Alabama Department of Labor

Internal Security

The information provided here should assist you in reporting fraudulent and non fraudulent incidents, and assist you in understanding the services provided by the Internal Security Division (ISEC) to:

The General Public

Report your concerns involving improprieties in the Workers' Compensation or Unemployment Compensation programs.

Law Enforcement

We may be able to supply an individual's employer and/or the individual's resident address to inquiring law enforcement officials, who have established the needed linkage with ISEC.

Alabama Department of Labor Employees

We monitor operations to prevent abuse, waste and fraud, maintain security of information and review claims of policy and procedure violations.

Report Fraud

Find information and procedures for report fraudulent claims.

Other Links

ISEC Downloadable Forms and Publications

How to Contact Us

Alabama Department of Labor Central Office Building

Phone: (334) 954-4076
Fax: (334) 242-2304

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