Alabama Department of Labor


The divisions of the Alabama Department of Labor specialize in various aspects of employment within the state. Browse through the information below to find the information that pertains to your specific employment or labor needs.

Unemployment Compensation

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Find information regarding unemployment benefit rights, claimant responsibilities and procedures, claims documents and more.

Job Link

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Whether you're looking for that perfect job, that perfect employee or information on an industry or workforce, AlabamaJobLink is for you.

Workers' Compensation

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Get information about workers' compensation benefits due to employee injuries on the job or their dependents in case of death. You can also find information regarding the rules and regulations for individual self-insurers and group self-insurers.

Internal Security

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Information on monitoring of the Unemployment Compensation program that works to prevent abuse, waste and fraud as well as manage security of data.

Labor Market Information

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Find the latest information and statistics on the condition of employment and unemployment in the state of Alabama.

Inspections - Mining, Boilers and Elevators

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Get documents, forms, union and other information related to safety inspection and management related to mining, boilers and pressure vessels and elevators

Governmental Affairs

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Get information regarding business and labor groups and legislation related to labor.

Hearings and Appeals

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Get answers to questions and requests regarding labor hearings and appeals.

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