Alabama Department of Labor


How do I correct the error “Can not load dll msjet” or similar error for the CPUB application I’m trying to use?

  • Here are the steps to correct this issue:
    1. From the PC that has Partials (CPUB) installed; Make sure all programs are closed.
    2. Double click “My Computer” icon from the desktop.
    3. Double click “C: drive”
    4. Double click “Program files”
    5. Double click “AL DIR”
    6. Double click “jet35sp3”
    7. A window will open with a message “File progress…transfer file”…. This window will close automatically in a few seconds.
    8. Now from the desktop, double click the Alabama Department of Labor partials 2.4 icon so the main menu appears.
    9. Click option number 6 to run initial setup
    10. A message should appear “The Alabama Department of Labor database has been created”
    11. The program is ready… click option number 1 to start entering the employee data….
    12. If you still receive the “Can not load Error”, repeat steps 1 thru 8, then select option number 1.

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