Alabama Department of Labor


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are the Board of Appeals members?

  • The members of the Board of appeals are not State Employees. They are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate.? They are not employed by the Alabama Department of Labor and work part-time.

Where does the Board of Appeals meet?

  • The Board meets in 7 different cities on a rotating basis. The cities are: Montgomery, Trussville, Mobile, Dothan, Decatur, Oxford and Tuscaloosa.? They meet in each city about every 2 months.?A written notice will be provided with the time, date and location of the hearing.

Why did the Board deny my appeal?

  • The law allows the Board to either hear a case or deny an appeal. The members of the Board do not have to state a reason for denying an appeal and do not tell the Administrative Staff the reason(s) for denying an appeal. If an appeal is denied, the party may then proceed to Circuit Court.

If I have a hearing, how long will it take to receive a decision??

  • A written decision is sent about 3 weeks after a hearing.

How do I appeal a decision of the Administrative Hearing Officer?

  • Appeals should be in writing, stating the reason for the appeal and sent to the Alabama Department of Labor, Board of Appeals, 649 Monroe St. Montgomery, AL 36131, or Faxed to (334) 956-7494.

If I cannot appear at a hearing, may I ask for a continuance??

  • Yes, the Board may grant a continuance for good reason(s).? A party may submit a written statement which should be dated, signed and notarized.

If I have a question, whom should I contact?

Should I continue to call my claim in every week even though I have appealed to the Board?

  • Yes, because you are required by law to call in your claim every week you are claiming unemployment benefits.? Failure to do so may result in a loss of benefits for that week.

May I appeal a decision of the Board of Appeals?

  • Yes, the law allows an appeal from any decision of the Board to Circuit Court.? Instructions for appeals are contained in the decision which is sent by certified mail to your last known address of record on file with the Alabama Department of Labor.

If I move, do I need to notify the Alabama Department of Labor?

  • Yes, because notices are sent to your address of record.

Are there time limits on Appeals?

  • Yes, the law has specific time limits for Appeals.? Those requirements are contained in information you will receive regarding your appeal.

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